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Welcome to the team, Alison and Nina!

"Welcome to the team" with photos of Alison and Nina

We are pleased to welcome to the Sustineo team our two newest members: Principal Consultant (Evaluation), Alison May, and Consultant (Communications and Design), Nina Davis. Both Alison and Nina bring significant expertise and exciting skillsets to the growing Sustineo team.

Alison has a combination of evaluation expertise coupled with 20 years’ experience in strategic planning and sense making, policy development and senior government decision support. Alison’s applied research experience has included eight deployments conducting large-scale evaluations in Timor-Leste, the Sinai and as Defence Science and Technology (DST) Liaison Officer to the Middle East.

Nina is a graphic designer by trade, with experience in general communications, and project and event management. Through use of these skills, Nina produces engaging written and visual content in both print and web contexts for a variety of stakeholders.

When asked what attracted them to Sustineo, Alison reflected:

I have been aware of the work that Sustineo does for several years and saw their name popping up in a variety of contexts with different federal government agencies and involvement with the Australasian Evaluation Society. As a career researcher and evaluator in the Public Service, I was intrigued to follow Sustineo’s progress starting out as a small independent agency producing high volumes of in-depth research. I was drawn to their ethical participatory research approach, whilst they also appear to maintain personal values and team wellbeing at the forefront of their enterprise. 

Nina views working at Sustineo as an opportunity to apply her skills in graphic design and research communication in a new field. She said that she was looking forward to:

Expanding my project management skills and continuing to grow in the communications space, which is something I’ve enjoyed over the last few years. The tight-knit team was another drawcard – I prefer working in smaller, dynamic teams. Plus, I was drawn to the type of work Sustineo does, in terms of striving for social and humanitarian improvements in the communities they work with.

We look forward to having Alison and Nina help shape the future of Sustineo and contribute to the diversity of work that the team produces.

For more on Alison May’s skills and experience, visit her profile. If you want to discuss work opportunities with Alison, please don’t hesitate to follow up at

For more on Nina Davis’ skills and experience, visit her profile. If you want to discuss work opportunities with Nina, please don’t hesitate to follow up at

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