We bring clarity to complexity

Complex problems are rarely solved with simplistic approaches. Sustineo specialises in embracing complexity to maximise program outcomes.

What we do at Sustineo
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Our capabilities

What our clients say

Our clients include peak bodies, governments, multilaterals, research centres and non-governmental organisations from Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia. 

I have found Sustineo an excellent organisation to contract.  They are enthusiastic, very smart, well informed and connected, efficient, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

I strongly believe Sustineo’s facilitation kit will be of great benefit to facilitators in the communities we work in.

Overall, we have been very happy with the service and professionalism of Sustineo.  They have proven particularly suitable to conduct this governance project and have also shown a very high level of expertise in the area of childhood learning and cultural awareness in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The work undertaken met all the tender expectations, and the CEO was impressed with the quality of Sustineo’s final reports.

The work undertaken was done in a timely manner meeting all required deadlines without prompting.

Our sector experience

We are uniquely positioned

A fundamental tenet of Sustineo's methodology is that our consultancy occupies a unique space in the marketplace, drawing equally on our experience of the commercial, academic and social sectors to bring insights to your project.

Part of our mission is a commitment to building enduring coalitions and strategic alliances with organisation across these three spheres.

Our approach

At Sustineo we focus on building and maintain the trust of our clients by proactively and consistently promoting approaches that lead to positive change. Our approach combines the highest standards of professional excellence with a genuine passion for successful outcomes. It is founded on four core ideals…

Bespoke approach

Delivering a bespoke approach

Recognition of the unique context of each project demands a carefully tailored approach that is suited to these distinctive features. We work hard to understand these unique features to design projects that fit these realities.


Bringing an interdisciplinary perspective

The most insightful solutions are those influenced by a range of disciplinary traditions. Sustineo uses mixed methods approaches and draws on growing bodies of knowledge in disciplines including sociology, anthropology, economics, gender and development, political science, and environmental and climate sciences.


Understanding complexity and fostering clarity in a collaborative way

Sustineo’s approach is inclusive and collaborative to build ownership over projects. Our team is skilled in supporting clients and communities to distil, synthesise and interpret information to support strategy and planning and ensure sustainable outcomes.

Building on existing capacity

Building on existing capacity

Sustineo’s approach is to recognise existing strengths and capacities and build on them, rather than introduce completely new systems.

Our Policies

At Sustineo we believe adherence to Integrity, Quality, Environmental and Workplace Health and Safety policies is central to a productive, safe and efficient workplace.