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Building connections with PNG educational institutions

Sustineo CEO Tom Sloan seated at a large table with 8 other people visible around the table. Someone is presenting with a slide that says 'Recommendations'

Last week, Tom Sloan and Ellis Mackenzie met with representatives from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and the Somare Institute of Leadership and Governance (SILAG) at the Australian National University (ANU). The events, hosted by the Australian National Internship Program (ANIP), were a key opportunity to build institutional partnerships through internship programs with Papua New Guinean and Australian Students.

The value of ANIP internships at Sustineo

Sustineo has had the privilege of hosting several ANIP interns since 2018. As part of the program, interns have completed in-depth research projects that provide us with evidence-based insights and recommendations related to our work. We have been able to support student development through opportunities to undertake applied research on real-world issues related to development in the Pacific. Findings from these ANIP projects have been used to inform and complement the delivery of projects in our region.

Insights from roundtable discussions

As part of a roundtable discussion at the ANU, Tom shared Sustineo’s approach to partnering with PNG institutions, reflecting on the mutual benefits and opportunities these collaborations bring.

Ellis shared his experience having been both a former ANIP intern at the Australian Council for International Development in 2018 and then going on to supervise several ANIP projects at Sustineo. He shared that while ANIP projects require a commitment of time and energy, they are worth it when you can align ANIP projects with the broader program of work that we are delivering. They also provide a unique opportunity for staff to build skills in supervision and leadership.

Looking ahead

We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with ANIP and PNG educational institutions, and to create more opportunities to support PNG students interested in research.