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Research at Sustineo is guided by three core ideals: delivering a bespoke approach, bringing an interdisciplinary perspective, and understanding complexity and fostering clarity in a collaborative way. Our research meets the highest standards of professional excellence, driven by a genuine passion for creating knowledge to support social and economic development. We offer an outstanding breadth of experience in designing mixed method approaches to maximise reliability and validity, matching the data collection tools we use to the project, groups, and clients we work with. Our qualitative research capabilities include a range of interview techniques, survey methods and participatory tools. Our quantitative experience includes SPSS and R Statistical Software.

Our work extends across the Pacific, Asia and Australia in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. We believe that good research must be supported by good communication and a cross disciplinary perspective, drawing on networks with research institutions and policy-makers to act as an intermediary in the research to policy process.