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Impact Assessment

We conduct rigorous multidisciplinary impact assessments that provide a holistic insight into how projects and research deliver long term change.

Decision-makers are increasingly seeking impact assessments that capture the full range of economic, social, and environmental impacts of international research and development projects. Our approach to impact assessment integrates traditional methods with innovative techniques to capture the complexity of the factors that influence decision making. This approach goes beyond the simple quantification of primary knowledge products. We diversify traditional methods of measuring impact, drawing on a range of tools to capture diverse economic, social, and environmental impacts through both qualitative and quantitative data.

We deliver high-quality and practically oriented work that is aligned with our client’s needs and with the practical requirements of its users (whether from the private, government, research, or non-government sector). In doing so we continue to build on our experiences and refine and improve our approach to the design, conduct and assessment of research impact.