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Climate Change and Sustainability

Climate Change and Sustainability

The future devastating impacts of climate change are well established. These changes bring economic, social and ecological pressures that threaten global populations, particularly the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.

To understand the risks to communities and to implement appropriate action requires evidence-based approaches that reflect the context and resilience of that community.

Preparing for these impacts requires a comprehensive response strategy that includes building resilience and adaptive capacity. This demands a coordinated and holistic approach at local, regional, and national levels, in urban and rural settings.

Sustineo helps clients address the social and economic factors associated with sustainability and climate change issues. This ranges from climate adaptation and mitigation activities through to rural and agricultural development.

We design innovative and integrative approaches to help communities understand, mitigate and adapt to the on-going threat of climate change. This draws on a systematic and holistic approach that recognises that sustainability measures are an integral part of policy development, not distinct from other policy drivers.

Using tailored methods we work and collaborate with government agencies, community groups, and other stakeholders to reveal problems and knowledge gaps, customise interventions, identify barriers, and develop customised long-term sustainability strategies.

Sustineo’s consultants provide technical advisory and research services to Australia and the AsiaPacific region. We specialise in mixed method research drawing on quantitative and qualitative techniques, monitoring and evaluation, community development and climate risk assessments.

This bespoke and specialist approach ensures that programme, policy and regulatory interventions, along with related governance structures and processes, are relevant and aligned to our client’s individual context.