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Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Measuring and demonstrating the outcomes and impacts that result from investment in strategies and programs is critical to achieving change and continued improvement. Sustineo has a proven track record of developing and evaluating Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ME&L) systems. Across numerous projects, we have developed ME&L systems, undertaken independent evaluations and assessments that assist clients in  understanding their performance while consistently highlighting areas for improvement.

A strong M&E approach enables our clients to demonstrate accountability for the investment of resources and achievement of planned outcomes and impacts. Furthermore, M&E improves program delivery by identifying efficient delivery methods as well as encouraging better design and targeting of outputs and deliverables.

Our team has expertise across a range of sectors and is able to bring integrated perspectives and insights, including cross-sectoral acuity, planning, management, capability, relationships and resources. We believe in building evaluation capability, both implicitly during project delivery (knowledge sharing, mentoring etc.) and through the provision of evaluation training and mentoring programs.