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Economic Development

People in high-vis vests on a road in PNG

Economic development is a key priority for all governments. It is the foundation for a range of social benefits, including health, social wellbeing, employment, community safety and more.

A key role of government is to establish an enabling environment for businesses and communities to flourish; this includes appropriate institutional structures, legislative frameworks, governance arrangements and regulatory mechanisms. In the absence of these, social and economic programs will fail to generate sustainable outcomes.

Sustineo’s consulting team has provided research, evaluation, performance assessment and strategic advice to domestic and international clients through the Asia-Pacific region. This includes in regulation, innovation, policy and programme development.

We have worked with multi-lateral organisations, government, private and non-government sectors. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to successful economic outcomes. Our diverse knowledge and capability delivers insight, sound policy advice and practical solutions.

Sustineo specialises in the provision of research and technical advice including policy research, case studies, regulatory assessments and sectoral analysis. The experience and expertise of our consultants ensures our work is high quality and is tailored to the specific country and project context.

Our skill in analysis and reporting ensures the final products exemplify integrity and methodological rigour, and are presented in clear English for both technical and non-technical audiences.