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Multilateral Development Organisations’ Engagement with the Private Sector

Client: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (AusAID)

In 2014, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) engaged Sustineo to help them to better understand the role of the private sector in promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in the Indo-Pacific region. Sustineo was commissioned to produce a research report to DFAT to provide a detailed understanding of how Australia’s Multilateral Development Organisation (MDO) partners engage in private sector development. The subject matter for this research project was both wide and deep, with Sustineo undertaking an extensive desk-based literature review of available material on MDO engagement with the private sector.

Sustineo produced a final report that provided a comprehensive assessment of MDO engagement in the private sector, within an ambitious timeframe. The final report provided review of the MDOs engaging with the private sector, the methods for doing so, the financial instruments used to facilitate this engagement and their relative success, and identified a broad spectrum of MDO interest in supporting private sector growth. Within this, the report findings highlighted the diversity of the private sector and its varied role in development, noting that this diversity makes it difficult to summarise trends and generalize findings. This final report provided DFAT with an easily readable synthesis of the complex and varied subject matter of this project and was presented to DFAT at a workshop.

Sustineo’s deep insight into engagement with the private sector was critical in producing the high quality final research report, within narrow time frames and within budget. Our key personnel brought strong experience in the sector and, complemented by excellent internal project support and quality assurance processes, ensured the assessment was broad ranging while also going into sufficient depth of analysis to present meaningful findings. Our commitment to open communication and close engagement with our clients ensured that DFAT was involved throughout the project, resulting in a final product that met the Department’s expectations and needs.