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Improving the Programme Assurance Mechanisms for JSCI Change and Circumstances Reassessment

Client: Department of Employment

Sustineo reviewed the Department of Employment Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI) Change of Circumstances Reassessment (COC-R) mechanism. This tool is used to determine the level of support offered to job seekers in periods of unemployment. 

We used a mixed methods approach including; desktop analysis of comparable programmes in other government departments and industries within Australia and internationally, engagement with stakeholders at the Department of Employment national and state/territory offices and interviews with a selection of service providers in all states and territories and their peak bodies.

Our review resulted in a set of short, medium and long-term recommendations for the Department to implement improvements in a staged manner, aligned with the timetable for broader developments in digital service delivery. As a result of our approach and consistent open communication with our client, the Sustineo team was able to bring both process-level and strategic-level insights to the problem and provide holistic and integrated analyses and solutions.