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Lessons Learned Information Management System

Client: Australian Federal Police - International Development Group
Project date

Background: The International Deployment Group (IDG) of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) operates an information management system that collects information from missions on an ongoing basis. The system is designed to capture regular IDG mission reporting, on set mission deliverables, progress, successes and emergent issues at a program level.

Sustineo was engaged to work with the IDG to develop and establish a robust Lessons Learned framework that identified best practice for delivery of police development assistance in specific thematic areas of interest, and promote the collection and use of lessons learned.

Approach: Sustineo worked with the IDG and whole-of-government stakeholders across the AFP, Attorney General’s Department and Australian Defence Force, most particularly amongst first responders, to develop the lessons learned framework. Sustineo employed an approach which ensured a comprehensive assessment of the current system and that the final products aligned with the IDG’s requirements.

First, the scoping and development stage comprised of a thorough investigation of current systems that were in place. Stakeholder consultation through this phase revealed the progress made by Defence in the area, and the Sustineo team was able to build a system that was compatible with the Defence system and which could be fully integrated in the future. Sustineo’s targeted engagement with key personnel produced a coherent conceptualisation of the future requirements of such a system and informed the development of guidelines for use.

Second, the system was piloted to test and assess the usability of the framework. This provided useful insight from users on reshaping and refining the system, including better guidance for use to ensure that the system would be attuned to the primary users’ requirements. The final reporting for the project provided further insight related to the future planning and implementation of the lessons learned framework and how it could best feedback and enhance the practice of the IDG.

Outcome: The lessons learned framework captured and collated information ready for analysis, and developed methods to encourage participation from all IDG members to contribute information on mission experience and support. The specific products that contributed to this end included an evaluation of IDG governance structure and processes, a Continual Improvement Process, lessons collection database, and a pilot review undertaken at the operational level. Sustineo’s findings informed targeted recommendations to assist the AFP to: better understand the factors behind success and failure; improve the effectiveness of mission design; enhance the development of pre-deployment training; monitoring outcomes; and communicating best practice to police development partners.