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Lessons Learnt Management Framework

Client: Australian Federal Police - International Development Group
Project date

The Australian Federal Police (AFP), International Development Group (IDG) operated an information management system that was designed to capture regular IDG mission reporting, on set mission deliverables, progress, successes and emergent issues at a program level.  This process was static in nature and allowed a level of discretion from mission commanders to determine what information was contained in the reports. The existing system didn’t identify best practice for delivery of police development assistance in specific thematic areas, for example, investigations training. Sustineo was engaged to work with the IDG to develop a valid and robust lessons learned framework and address this gap.

The project was implemented in three phases; the first involved investigation of the current system, conceptualisation of future requirements and the development of a set of guidelines. The second comprised a pilot program, and the final phase was the production of an outcomes report to assist with future planning and implementation.

Sustineo consultants worked with the IDG and Whole of Government stakeholders most particularly amongst first responders to develop a valid and robust lessons learned framework. Consultations revealed the progress made by Department of Defence in the area, and the Sustineo team was able to review the Defence system. As a result, a system was built that is compatible with their system using software that can be fully integrated in the future.

The Sustineo team has wide reaching networks, particularly in the security sector and amongst first responders. Engagement with these networks revealed existing systems in which the AFP could align. The Sustineo team also had experience with the NATO Lessons Learned systems and understands the Defence Lessons Learned system. Because of this knowledge and experience, the Sustineo team was able to develop a system that can be usefully integrated within AFP work practices, but could also align with AFP partners.