ASEAN-GIZ - Developing Tools and Strategies for Regional Competition Advocacy

Sustineo was engaged by ASEAN and the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to undertake an ASEAN-wide Competition Policy and Law (CPL) advocacy project. CPL is crucial to the efficient functioning of economic systems as it levels the playing field between market players, leads to greater consumer welfare and contributes to the productiveness of the economy more broadly.

This project was undertaken in two phases, the first of which involved consultation with relevant policy makers in ASEAN member states to emphasise the importance of CPL advocacy in achieving the goals of the ASEAN Community Economic Blueprint. Sustineo outlined key components for successful dissemination of social marketing messages.

These components were incorporated in Phase II, which focused on the development of mechanisms through which the messaging developed in Phase I could be disseminated. Sustineo delivered a suite of competition policy and law advocacy tools, including a web portal, pamphlet and brochure. The ongoing use of this web portal highlights the sustained utility of these products.

Methodology Matters

Our research manager Tom Sloan argues for the importance sound research design and methodology in private sector consulting.
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APEC Virtual Centre Workshop

Yesterday Sustineo’ Business Development and Research Manager, Tom Sloan, presented at the 2016 APEC Virtual Centre Workshop in Seoul, South Korea.
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Ideas in Brief #9 - Challenges of Deep Sea Mining in the Pacific

In the 9th Ideas in Brief, current intern Kat Sharp explores some of the challenges confronting the mining industry as it shifts its focus to deep sea mining in the Pacific.
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