sustineo vb. 1. to hold up or upright, keep up, bear up, support, sustain.

Sustineo and the Alfred Deakin Research Institute provide policy briefs and details on the Pacific Index
Sustineo provides technical and management services to create positive and sustainable social economic change in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.
A fundamental tenet of Sustineo’s approach is the commitment to building enduring coalitions and strategic alliances with professional, academic and community sector organisations.

Current Projects

The Pacific Index, developed with ADRI, ranks rich countries on the their efforts in supporting development in the Pacific.
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Sustineo is working with NZAID on the Timor Leste Community Policing Programme to provide M&E services.
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This project aims to improve consumer protection policy directions through the synthesis of experiences and lesson learned.
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Sustineo will develop a framework and models for public awareness of consumer protection in ASEAN.
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Sustineo is developing three case studies on how regulatory reform promotes innovation in APEC.
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“I have found Sustineo an excellent organisation to contract. They are enthusiastic, very smart, well informed and connected, efficient, responsive and a pleasure to work with.”
“Overall, we have been very happy with the service and professionalism of Sustineo. They have proven particularly suitable to conduct this governance project and have also shown a very high level of expertise in the area of childhood learning and cultural awareness in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”
“The work undertaken met all the tender expectations, and the CEO was impressed with the quality of Sustineo’s final reports.”
“The work undertaken was done in a timely manner meeting all required deadlines without prompting.”
“I strongly believe Sustineo’s facilitation kit will be of great benefit to facilitators in the communities we work in.”

Ideas in Brief #6 Innovate for me NOW!

The sixth contribution to the Ideas in Brief series has been released. In this piece Andrew Rowe explores the catch-all term 'innovation'. He argues that four preconditions are necessary for the development of invention, innovation, and progress, and that innovative solutions emerge from environments that foster interaction of knowledge domains through multidisciplinary teams and systems-thinking approaches.
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Ideas in Brief #5 Barriers Face Remote Engagement Teams in Indigneous Communities

The fifth contribution to the Ideas in Brief series has been released. This piece highlights the challenges facing Remote Engagement Teams in Indigenous communities by exploring the limitations of political representation and the cultural appropriateness of hierarchy, representation and time-based acquisition of knowledge and power.
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Sustineo attends participatory methods training workshop

On the 9th of June, Federico Davila, Tom Sloan and Emily Davidson attended a water governance participatory methods training workshop by Dr Nils Ferrand, hosted by Fonds Pacifique.
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