sustineo vb. 1. to hold up or upright, keep up, bear up, support, sustain.

Sustineo provides technical and management services to create positive and sustainable social economic change in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.
Sustineo is offering a five-day course designed to develop the capability of security sector personnel to increase women's meaningful participation in the Australian security sector.
Sustineo provides expertise to TLCPP that assists with verification of outputs, outcome, and impact, while simultaneously building capacity within core local project partner organizations.
Aflatoxin is a contaminant of peanuts that poses major human health and economic risks throughout the world.

Current Projects

Sustineo conducted an impact assessment of ACIAR funded aflatoxin reduction research projects.
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Sustineo produced technical outputs and communicative strategies to focus attention on consumer protection in ASEAN states.
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Sustineo developed public awareness models for consumer protection to be relevant to the ASEAN region.
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Sustineo provides ongoing expertise to NZMFAT on the monitoring and evaluation of the Timor-Leste Community Policing Program.
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“I have found Sustineo an excellent organisation to contract. They are enthusiastic, very smart, well informed and connected, efficient, responsive and a pleasure to work with.”
“Overall, we have been very happy with the service and professionalism of Sustineo. They have proven particularly suitable to conduct this governance project and have also shown a very high level of expertise in the area of childhood learning and cultural awareness in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”
“The work undertaken met all the tender expectations, and the CEO was impressed with the quality of Sustineo’s final reports.”
“The work undertaken was done in a timely manner meeting all required deadlines without prompting.”
“I strongly believe Sustineo’s facilitation kit will be of great benefit to facilitators in the communities we work in.”

NAIDOC Week 2016

This week is NAIDOC Week. NAIDOC is now a week dedicated to the celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ history, culture and achievements, but it started from a very different place – here’s a brief rundown on the history of NAIDOC week!
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Gender in the Security Sector #4

Two weeks ago the third Annual Civil Society Report Card on Australia’s National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security (NAP) was released. The Report Card acts as a shadow report on Australia’s progress against the goals and actions set out in the NAP.
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Gender in the Security Sector #3

As a UN Member Nation and an active contributor to peace and security operations globally, Australia has a responsibility to uphold the principles of the international women, peace and security agenda. Australia’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security 2012-2018 (NAP) consists of five thematic areas that reflect the principles of the UN resolutions: prevention, participation, protection, relief and recovery, and normative.
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