What We Do

Sustineo provides a range of services including: monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research, policy and strategy development and organisational performance and review.

The Sustineo team also provides broad base management consulting services tailored according to your specific needs.

We have specific sectoral experiences in the areas outlined below.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is a specialist area of Sustineo practice. We develop M&E systems, undertake independent evaluations and assessments and provide performance strategy and advice to understand an organisation’s existing and potential  avenues for success.

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Our consultants have significant experience conducting qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research. We take care to match the data collections tools we use to suit the particular project or target groups we are working on. This optimises the responses we get and in turn, improves the outcomes we are able to achieve for clients and the communities they work with. 

Climate Change and Sustainability

As the climate changes, and the incidence of extreme weather events increases, environment and sustainability are of increasing important in government and non-government activity, particularly in our Asia Pacific region. Sustineo is committed to supporting national and regional efforts to mitigate climate change and promote sustainable solutions. This has included our recent work with the Asia Pacific Network to build a toolkit for evidence-based climate change adaptation.

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Economic Development

Economic development describes the process that governments use to raise the living standard of their nations’ citizens by improving their economic, social and political wellbeing. Sustineo has done a significant amount of work to support organisations working with governments and across regions to promote economic development. These clients include APEC, ASEAN, and UNDP.

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Indigenous Development

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to have, on average, poorer social outcomes than other Australians in areas including health, education and employment. While this continues, improving the wellbeing of Indigenous people will remain a priority for governments and non-government organisations. Sustineo has worked with several clients in this sector, including the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and the Indigenous Land Corporation.  

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Audit and Compliance

Sustineo have extensive experience in providing organisation and performance assurance services in government and non-government sectors. Our team have skills in audit, evaluation, risk management and performance management, which have been applied in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Rural and Agricutlural Development

Billions of people worldwide live and work in rural environments, relying on subsistence agriculture for survival. As the climate changes, they face increasing challenges in maintaining their wellbeing and livelihoods. Our team have worked with a range of government and non-government organisations in this sector in Australia and our region, as well as producing leading academic works in the area.

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Sustineo developed public awareness models for consumer protection to be relevant to the ASEAN region.
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Sustineo produced technical outputs and communicative strategies to focus attention on consumer protection in ASEAN states.
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Sustineo provides ongoing expertise to NZMFAT on the monitoring and evaluation of the Timor-Leste Community Policing Program.
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Sustineo undertook a research project for the AFP to consider the efficacy of the alignment principle in the delivery of aid.
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Sustineo was engaged to design, test, validate and conduct a pilot Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice survey for the AFP IDG.
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Sustineo was engaged by the UNDP to conduct the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission Voter Awareness Survey.
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Sustineo was engaged to undertake a skills identification project for the ACMC.
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Sustineo was commissioned by the ILC to evaluate and summarise the maturation of the Real Jobs Program.
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Sustineo produced three case studies to consider the impact of regulatory reform on innovation.
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Sustineo was engaged by the AFP to develop a valid and robust lessons learned framework for their mission reporting processes.
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Sustineo was engaged to evaluate key program achievements of the Technical Vocational Education and Training Reform program.
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Sustineo conducted a synthesis research piece exploring the links between security sector reform and development.
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AusAID commissioned Sustineo to undertake a perception survey of their programs delivered in the Philippines.
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Sustineo was engaged by the ILC to undertake a review of the Training to Employment Program.
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Sustineo was engaged to manage and deliver the Governance element of the BBF Project for early childhood education and care.
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In 2012 the ASEAN Secretariat engaged Sustineo to produce an internationally published book to analyse development gaps in ASEAN
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Sustineo was engaged by ASEAN and GIZ to undertake an ASEAN-wide Competition Policy and Law advocacy project.
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