Australian Civili Military Centre - The Links Between Security Sector Reform and Development (2013)

Sustineo was engaged in 2013 to undertake a research report into the impacts and costs of political, criminal and interpersonal violence upon socio-economic development. This project sought to better understand the link between security sector reform and development to provide for improved ways and means to operationalize interventions in fragile and post conflict states. 

Through the use of a conceptual framework informed by a rigorous and comprehensive literature review, Sustineo investigated the statistics and figures that illustrate the barriers that insecurity poses to development. This included drawing on a broad range of academic and government literature to gain a deep understanding of the intersection between security and development. Four specific case studies – Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands, Afghanistan and South Sudan – were analysed to highlight the ways that violence and insecurity can inhibit development in practice.

Sustineo’s team presented complementary skills and experience that allowed for the production of a detailed final report, academically rigorous in nature, while also paving the way for policy recommendations for Australia and development practitioners. 

The final research report provided a detailed exploration of the relationship between security and development, with a focus on how it inhibits development in fragile and conflict affected states. The paper provides a comprehensive synthesis of available information on the costs of different types of violence and how resulting insecurity constrains political and socioeconomic development. It gave a demand side overview of the changing nature of insecurity and violence, and their links to underdevelopment. It was designed to inform supply side responses such as security sector reform. The report contributes to the ongoing work on Australian government and NGO approaches to security sector reform. 

Throughout the project, Sustineo’s commitment to a close working relationship ensured that the ACMC were fully engaged with the project and that the final report exactly matched their requirements and expectations. It was presented and positively received at the ACMC Research Workshop on December 4, 2013.

Sustineo hosting panel session on research impact assessment at the 2018 Australasian Aid Conference

Sustineo is pleased to be hosting the exciting "Learning from the past to inform the future" panel at the 2018 Australasian Aid Conference. The session, "Insights from Australia's experiences in agricultural research for development", will focus on research and practice experience within partnership programs at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.
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Sustineo joins Australian Water Partnership

We're excited to have recently joined the Australian Water Partnership! AWP does amazing work connecting Australian water and development experts with projects which foster water security across the Indo-Pacific region.
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We have moved!

After nearly 5 years based in coffee-infused Braddon, the Sustineo Team has moved to a new office space in Deakin. This brings us closer to key clients, and by keeping our overheads low we are able to continue to deliver outstanding value. Our new location and contact details are listed in the Contact page.
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