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Nina Davis

Picture of Nina

Nina is a design and communications professional specialising in digital content creation. She has extensive experience managing all forms of digital communications across a variety of social media and web platforms. 

With a strong interest in innovative content creation, Nina produces engaging written and visual content in both print and web contexts for a variety of stakeholders. Through her work at Sustineo, Nina aims to synthesise and share complex stories with a broad audience. She is particularly passionate about promoting positive social outcomes and assisting clients and stakeholders to raise the profile of their work through clear and accessible professional messaging. 

Nina’s formal qualifications include tertiary study in graphic design and advertising, as well as Honours study. In her previous role as Digital Communications Advisor at the Regional Australia Institute, she was responsible for the presentation of research through reports and infographics, and social media and website management, as well as brand management and event planning. 

Sustineo acknowledges the Traditional owners and Custodians of this country and our Ancestors and Elders, both past, present and into the future. We also acknowledge the importance of our connections with land, sea, community and cultures.