The ASEAN Secretariat has contracted Sustineo to write, edit and publish a book on Narrowing the Development Gap in ASEAN. The book will be edited by Professor Mark McGillivray and Dr David Carpenter. This book will be published by Routledge and launched at the ASEAN Summit in 2013. The objective of this publication is to provide ASEAN policy... Read More +
The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) has published a report written by  Dr David Carpenter (Sustineo) and Professor Mark McGillivray (Deakin University) that presents a methodology for assessing the poverty-reducing impact of Australia’s international agricultural research. This report details a mixed method... Read More +
Increasingly, organisations – including government departments – are looking to evaluate the impact of their actions and build an evidence-base around what works. It’s something that’s easy to say but a harder to do: this kind of work requires people to really think clearly about what they’re trying to achieve. Often, the next step is to define... Read More +
The full paper is available through the Sustineo publications page here. Remittances are an important source of foreign income for developing countries, increasing dramatically in size over recent decades. Developing country remittance receipts were $US0.3 billion in 1971. These receipts are expected to reach $US350 billion in 2011, up from $... Read More +
This book (edited with Professor Stewart Lockie from the Australian National University) explores the relationships between the exploitation and conservation of agricultural biodiversity and the livelihoods of agricultural communities, and evaluates the capacity of national and multilateral institutions and policy settings to support the... Read More +
The full paper is available through the Sustineo publications page here.  Pacific island countries face many tremendous challenges. These include small domestic markets, limited resource bases, great distances from major markets, vulnerability to external shocks such as hikes in the prices of key international commodities and natural... Read More +
The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has just released the latest UNDP Human Development Report. Published annually since 1990, each report ranks country achievements based on the well-known, high-respected and widely used living standard measure, the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI combines measures such as health, education and... Read More +
The Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP) is an Australian Government initiative delivered in cooperation between the ASC and AusAID that aims to build the capacity of in-country partners to plan and conduct quality, sport-based activities which contribute to addressing locally identified development priorities.  It seeks to use the... Read More +