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Dr Federico Davila

Federico Davila

Federico holds a Master of Environment (Research) and a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Sustainability) from the Australian National University. His research and consulting interests include sustainable development, international agricultural research, social science and interdisciplinary collaboration. Federico is also actively involved in sustainability education research and practice.

Federico has the ability to critically synthesize sustainability problems and understand them from a systems perspective. This way of thinking has been of added value to him and his research and working colleagues through his career as a young professional researcher. Federico has a range of networks throughout Venezuela, South-East Asia and Australia. These range from farmer organisations in South Korea and the Philippines, ASEAN Decision Makers and Australian Government policy makers and researchers, United Nations staff, Australian and international academic researchers, private sector development practitioners, and academic and farmer groups in Venezuela. These linkages offer opportunities for future research and development projects that seek to integrate a range of sectors with common interest in issues surrounding sustainability.

Federico is an experienced mixed methods researcher. He has developed research proposals, carried out surveys and qualitative interviews, and carried out thematic analysis of open ended qualitative data. Federico follows a rigorous approach to research question and process design, qualitative research conduct, analysis and theme identification. He has experience in a range of projects in carrying out focus groups, interviews and other participatory research techniques. He is also experienced with NVIVO coding software for qualitative data.

Federico provides an interdisciplinary training with the ability to critically examine projects and teams involved in research and consulting. His ability to identify gaps in knowledge and offer insights into areas of improvement have been applied throughout his research and career experience.