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Independent Final Evaluation of the TVET Reform Project in Bangladesh

Sustineo recently undertook the Independent Final Evaluation of the TVET Reform Project in Bangladesh. Sue Allan and Mary Mertin-Ryan spent two and a half weeks in country (Dhaka and Chittagong) working with the ILO Project Implementation Team, and meeting and interviewing Project Stakeholders in both Dhaka and Chittagong. This highly successful Project is completing its 6th year - with funding support from the EU of around Euro $14 million. TVET-R has helped facilitate and support project partners, tripartite constituents from the Government of Bangladesh, Employer and Worker Representatives, as well community members and beneficiaries to build the framework upon which reform is now taking place. The framework includes TVET policy development, updating the TVET sector frameworks, developing curriculum following quality standards, training teachers in Competency Based Training and conducting pilot training courses in various technical training institutions around the country.  

The project has focused on two important issues. The first is to reduce mismatches between knowledge and skills of TVET graduates and the demand of the labour markets. Secondly, the project has focused on under-privileged youth and adults who are part of the labour market but are under-performing or underemployed. This group represents the major part of the workforce operating in the export–oriented industries such as garments, light engineering or electronics. They also represent a massive share of the labour force in construction, services and transport. The project assistance provided to large groups of under-privileged youth and adults will enable them to improve productivity and income and pursue new careers in the labour market.  

Sue and Mary are now in the process of writing the final report to present to ILO. In the process, Sustineo has learned a lot about the TVET systems and especially as they operate in Bangladesh and the South Asia region.