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APEC Virtual Centre Workshop


Yesterday Sustineo’ Business Development and Research Manager, Tom Sloan, presented at the 2016 APEC Virtual Centre Workshop in Seoul, South Korea. 

APEC-VC has been in operation for 21 years and has built a strong and cooperative network among many of the APEC member economies. The group aims to promote the use of environmental technologies in the APEC region and facilitate the exchange of environmental business and the technology transfer to developing countries.

The workshop heard presentations on how to best extend the scope of APEC-VC in the future from different public, private and research organisations from nine member economies as well as from Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research. 

In his presentation, Tom noted the relevance of APEC VC to the post-2015 development agenda, specifically highlighting the opportunities to align the work of the group the Sustainable Development Goals (see Goals 12 and 17) and broader green growth agenda. We look forward to seeing how this scope of the group’s work progresses in the future.