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The SDGs and the Pacific: A View From the Private Sector - Guest Lecture at the Australian National University


Recently, Sustineo’s Executive Manager – Research, Tom Sloan, gave a guest lecture at the Australian National University as part of the ‘Sustainable Development’ undergraduate course at the Fenner School of Environment and Society. As part of a broader module of lectures organised by course convenors centred around the Sustainable Development Goals, Tom’s contribution centred on his experiences and reflections from undertaking social research projects across a range of sectors in the Pacific in the last few years.

Specifically, Tom sought to challenge students on their preconceived ideas around three core questions which his experience has caused him to reflect on:

  • Who are the SDGs for?
  • How do the SDGs emerge on the ground?
  • How will SDGs be measured?

The discussion was interactive with some great and insightful questions and comments from the student group.

This lecture is another iteration of Sustineo’s on-going engagement with the ANU, particularly with the Fenner School. This relationship is a valuable part of our broader engagement with universities, at both student and researcher levels. For ANU alumni – like Tom – it also provides an excellent opportunity to give back to the institutions who provided the sound foundation for the work they now do around the world.

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