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The ANU International Business Plan Competition

Business Competition

The annual Australian National University International Business Plan (IBP) Competition allows students in the ANU’s Research School of Management International Business Course to work as consultants in preparing an international market expansion plan for an Australian SME. Students form teams and take on different roles within the consultancy group. As first-time participants in the Competition, Sustineo provided initial briefings to students and then met regularly with each team over a 10 week period, before playing a role in assessing the team’s findings. All-in-all it was a really rewarding experience and has only fuelled Sustineo’s interest in expanded export horizons.

The International Business Plan (IBP) Competition is supported by the Australian National University, Canberra Business Chamber, the ACT Government and Canberra Innovation Network.

Congratulations to all who participated, the standard was excellent, the depth of research impressive, and the conduct of students highly professional. You can all be very proud of your achievements!

Additional thanks to the students who represented Sustineo at the finals:


  • Belle Harvey (Team Leader)
  • Kelly Dang
  • Weiqi Guan
  • Richard Salazar

Above The Line consulting:

  • Suhaib Ahmed Kawish (Team Leader)
  • Divya Mahajan
  • Esha Patil
  • Sanjana Waglay