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Sustineo Announces New CEO!


We are pleased to announce the appointment of our own Tom Sloan as Sustineo’s permanent Chief Executive Officer.

In August, we announced leadership changes at the organisation with our long-term CEO, and co-founder, Andrew Rowe, taking up the role of Chair of the Sustineo Board. In the period since, Tom has been Sustineo’s Interim CEO and the Board strongly believes Tom has the necessary skills and experience to continue to lead Sustineo in his role as permanent CEO. As stated by Andrew on behalf of the Board:

"Tom has been a key contributor to Sustineo’s growth since joining the organisation, having led many of our largest and most complex projects.  He is absolutely the right person to lead the Sustineo team into a new future. We look forward to continuing to work with Tom as Sustineo’s new CEO, and we know that Sustineo will continue to deliver outstanding research outcomes under his collaborative and relationship-driven leadership."

Tom has been an integral member of Sustineo’s team since joining in 2014 and has been instrumental in managing and driving our growth and success in this period. In this time, he has held a range of positions in the organisation – including as a research consultant, business development and research coordinator and, for the last two years, as part of the Executive Team. In his time as the Executive Manager of Research, Tom has overseen our projects across Australia and the Pacific, managed company planning and resource allocation, and promoted a culture of openness and collaboration. In this role, Tom has driven significant growth in the volume of applied social research work that Sustineo has delivered, particularly in the Pacific.

"I have enjoyed a wonderful journey with Sustineo. It has been a rare privilege to be able to work as part of a collaborative and cohesive team, doing meaningful work to help achieve better social, economic and environmental impacts within our region”, Tom reflected. “A change in leadership always presents challenges, but through my time as interim CEO I’ve really relished the new responsibilities as well as the opportunities the role entails. I see incredible potential to grow and expand the excellent work we do, with the backing of a Board and staff 100% committed to our goals and values”.

Sustineo is in its 10th year and continues to grow and evolve. Our organisation’s purpose has always been to create positive and sustainable social and economic change. With Tom at the helm, we will continue to work towards this mission, working with the Sustineo team and our broader network in delivering the high-quality social research, evaluation and impact assessment projects in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

2019 has been a big year for Sustineo – successfully delivering multiple large, complicated projects in the Pacific, deepening ties with Australia’s world-class research institutions, winning the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards in the categories of Exporting Government Solutions (ACT) and Sustainability (National), and continuing to grow the team. As Tom reflected:

 “It looks like 2020 is shaping up to be the biggest and best year yet. Our success is creating opportunities to grow our team, expanding the range of countries and sectors in which we work, and building our client base”.

If you are interested in joining a passionate, engaging, and collaborative team there is an opportunity currently being advertised in our research team, a role which will help us deliver a range of exciting and important projects in 2020:

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