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Sustineo acknowledges the 53rd Anniversary of ASEAN

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Sustineo would like to acknowledge that the 8 August 2020 was the 53rd Anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). From its inception, ASEAN has been an enduring mechanism for supporting cooperation amongst ASEAN Members States to promote prosperity and peace across the Southeast Asian region.

Since 2012, Sustineo has had the privilege of working with ASEAN as part of delivering multiple projects that cut across economic and social development, including a focus on competition advocacy and competition policy and law. More details are available through the project title links below:

Most recently, we have just completed the ‘ASEAN Capacity Building Roadmap for Consumer Protection 2020-2025’ project which set a road map for delivering enhanced consumer policy, institutions and laws for consumers in the region.

From our experience, we are acutely aware of both the importance of their work across 10 diverse member states, as well as many of the challenges they face.

In acknowledging the ASEAN 53rd anniversary celebrations, we note that the theme of ‘A Cohesive Journey to Recovery’ is apt for what is needed in the region (and the world) in these challenging times. We wish all of those involved in ASEAN well with their work contributing to this aim amid the on-going impacts of COVID-19.

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