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Reconcilation Day

Sustineo welcomes Reconciliation Day as an important opportunity to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians together to reflect on Reconciliation and how we are doing. 

Early in 2018 Proper Business Consulting P/L, a Supply Nation registered firm, was established as a joint initiative to build professional capability, opportunity, and partnerships with the Aboriginal Australian community. 

Sustineo is proud to be a partner and collaborator with Proper Business in providing social research and evaluation services in Australia and internationally.  The value and beauty of this relationship is the real sharing of cultural perspectives and worldview to strengthen our work and contribution to a more equitable future in Australia.

The new public holiday is a reminder and an opportunity for us to learn about and reflect upon the histories, cultures, stories and achievements of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first Australians.

As we continue to work, learn, and live with each other, it is important to continue to actively participate in the conversation/ reflection on Reconciliation and turn it into reconciliACTION.  Not just on this public holiday, but every day.

The Sustineo and Proper Business teams joined together at Reconciliation Place in Canberra to share a ceremony bringing together our cultures and reflecting individually on what reconciliation means to us , what we can do together to reconcile, and how we can continue to build cultural safety and understanding into the fabric of our organisation.

In all of our work we often find ourselves observing different experiences and understandings of reconciliation, what it can be and how it is understood. 

We are all part of the puzzle, and we must all work together.  It is our individual and collective responsibility to be good citizens, neighbours, colleagues, and friends.

Sustineo has always championed diversity, respect, and cultural understanding. Having a partnership with Proper Business is about reconciliation in action and a chance to show our integrity and intention to work as a true partnership as equals.

Reflect, enjoy, and embrace reconciliation and all it can mean at the National Reconciliation Week events and celebrations.  We will be there!

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