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Project Highlight: Development of an Organisational Performance Framework for the APEC Policy Support Unit

The Policy Support Unit (PSU) of the APEC Secretariat engaged Sustineo in 2018 to develop a Performance Framework to provide the basis for measuring and monitoring for performance reporting and evaluation purposes. The PSU provides research and analysis to support discussions and decision-making by APEC fora. The purpose of the Performance Framework is to identify the PSU’s planned outputs and outcomes, including longer term impacts that its work contributes to, as well as the indicators, data sources and data collection and analysis methods to measure performance against the Performance Framework.

Sustineo’s approach was based on collaborative development of the Performance Framework through relationship building and participatory engagement with the PSU and its stakeholders.  The team designed a mixed method approach, including interviews, desktop review to analyse key documents and discussions with staff and the PSU Board to validate initial findings and directions and elicit input and feedback to further refine and finalise the Framework.

The Performance Framework is based on two key components – a detailed program logic articulating the PSU’s intended results and a results table with indicators and data sources to measure PSU performance in relation to the intended outcomes. The Framework recognises the challenges in implementation, and is based on a staged approach and, and where possible, builds on and strengthens existing data collection processes. The final Framework accurately reflects PSU’s work in relation to the broader APEC context and clearly identifies the PSU’s contribution to longer term impacts for APEC member economies.

The Sustineo team’s ability to proactively and meaningfully engage with the PSU and stakeholders was key to the development of a robust and context-driven Performance Framework. Sustineo was able to build on its excellent working relationship and track record with the APEC Secretariat to develop a solution for the PSU that accounts for its organisational context and recognises the unique challenges of its work.

The Performance Framework reflects the PSU’s role as a research organisation and delivers an appropriate measurement approach for this context, one that will provide meaningful insights into the outcomes of the PSU’s work.

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