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Peacebuilding in the Solomon Islands: One Year on From RAMSI

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) completed its withdrawal on 30 June 2017. This marked the end of a 14 year mission which initially began to restore security in the Solomon Islands following the Tensions (1998-2003) and evolved into longer-term assistance focused on institutional capacity-building, economic development and peacebuilding.

In the period immediately after the withdrawal of RAMSI, Sustineo had the opportunity to undertake a large-scale research project to assess perceptions of peacebuilding activities and measure levels of optimism with the direction the Solomon Islands was going post-RAMSI. Commissioned by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, Sustineo worked in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme and UN Women through the design and delivery of the project.

In May 2018, the Summary Report of the National Perceptions Survey on Peacebuilding for Solomon Islands was launched by the Honorable Menase Sogovare (Acting Prime Minister) and Osnat Lubrani (Resident Coordinator for the Pacific). At the launch, it was noted that the findings had been important in guiding the design of the next iteration of the Peacebuilding Fund Project in the Solomon Islands and its subsequent activities, as well as being important in regional dialogues undertaken by the UN, Solomon Islands Government and their broad range of partners in the Solomon Islands.

As reflected by Osnat Lubrani, former Resident Coordinator for the Pacific, in the Resident Coordinator’s Introduction to the UNDP National Perceptions Survey on Peacebuilding for Solomon Islands Report:

Sustineo’s experience in Solomon Islands and its enduring relationship with local researchers built over multiple projects ensured that the survey was developed and implemented to reflect the reality and needs on the ground

Being able to make these sorts of contributions to our client’s work is extremely rewarding. It was a privilege to work with the UN on this important work in to a better understanding of peacebuilding in the Solomon Islands context, while also contributing the broader work of the UN and Government of the Solomon Islands in making progress towards Goal 16 under the Sustainable Development Goals.

If you are interested further details on the project, they can be found here. If you are interested in our experiences and lessons in survey projects you can find short blogs on our experience available here and here. As part of Sustineo’s approach to working overseas, this project once again re-iterated the importance of working with local partners – there is a forthcoming blog on this subject so keep your eye on our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in the coming weeks.

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Photo courtesy of Regina Lepping, UNDP.

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