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International Mother Language Day

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Today is International Mother Language Day. Language is an integral part of the work we do throughout the Pacific. Papua New Guinea alone contains nearly 850 languages and is the most linguistically diverse country on earth. Linguistic diversity lends itself to creativity, cultural diversity, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Language is the medium through which multilingual and multicultural societies pass on their cultural traditions and engage in the development of new traditions.

As languages disappear and the number of endangered languages grows it becomes more and more important for organisations working in linguistically diverse contexts to engage fully in them. This poses challenges in translation and understanding, but once overcome provides more meaningful and insightful results. Our survey work throughout the Pacific relies on the expertise of our multilingual team and our translators on the ground. Language is not a barrier, but an opportunity to engage meaningfully and gain critical knowledge. Today, we celebrate that knowledge, and look forward to engaging fully with our clients, stakeholders, and teams across this diverse region.

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