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Congratulations on your published article, Ellis!

The Journal of Peasant Studies

We are thrilled to share that Sustineo's Ellis Mackenzie has been published in the Journal of Peasant Studies, a leading journal in the field of rural politics and development.

Over the last few years, Ellis has played a key role in driving our work across rural and agricultural development projects focused on the Pacific. Some projects include: our ongoing work on Climate Smart Agriculture opportunities for enhanced food production in PNG; monitoring and evaluation of socio-economic impacts of pearl-based livelihood development in Fiji and Tonga; PNG Industry and Government Engagement Regarding Potential Carbon Trading; and most recently underway, an impact study for Fairtrade in PNG coffee communities.

Prior to joining Sustineo, Ellis completed his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Development Studies at the Australian National University’s College of Arts and Social Sciences. This week, Ellis's paper from his honours was published online, exploring the consequences of some of China’s Belt and Road Initiative investments in rural Cambodia.

Ellis and Ponlok Khmer staff conducting an interview with villagers in Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia, 2018

The article, “Development or dispossession? Exploring the consequences of a major Chinese investment in rural Cambodia” demonstrates the value of taking a strong partnership-based research approach. Ellis collaborated with Cambodian-based researchers, including Cambodian co-author Bunthin Ray, to conduct in-depth fieldwork that provides rich accounts of on-the-ground perspectives on politically contentious and significant issues in rural Cambodia.

Ellis’s article is available through Taylor and Frances Online, or you can email him directly.

Congratulations Ellis!