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Civic Knowledge and Citizenship Engagement in Solomon Islands – training complete and fieldwork underway

Research team end of training photo

In July, Sustineo commenced the Civic Knowledge and Citizenship Engagement in Solomon Islands baseline survey. Since then we have been working through the development, translation and piloting of the survey instrument with our expert advisory team, in-country partners and other project stakeholders. 

In the past week, Sustineo’s Asenati Chan Tung and Hanna Kurani have been in Solomon Islands working with our local research teams through the training and piloting process. Once again, working with the same group of experienced Solomon Island research staff was hugely valuable to the final refinements of the survey and ensuring it is fit for context and culture. 

With training completed, the fun now begins with research teams out in the field and commencing visits to communities in Malaita and Choiseul. Continue to watch this space for news from the field!