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Because of her we can

Because of her we can is the theme of this year’s National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC)’s celebrations. This year we pay tribute to the feminine aspect of our communities and the contributions made by the strong women within them. 

I am Cree/Ojibway from Turtle Island across the waters in North America, where creator sits in Manitoba, Canada. The word for fire in my language is ishkode.  This translates to ‘a woman’s heart’.

We must strengthen and bolster this fire, so that it can continue to bridge our communication with the spirit world. Ishkode teaches us that we need to continue to respect and empower the women in our communities.

This week we acknowledge the important social, political, and economic roles women play as part of our NAIDOC celebrations.

Sustineo is proud of the diversity in our team, and we continue to support the essential role and contribution women bring to our work and we will continue to strive for gender equity.

As we work together for change, we acknowledge and are grateful to the strong women and mentors in our professional and personal lives.

We encourage you to participate in NAIDOC celebrations across Australia and honour all the things we have accomplished…

‘Because of her’.

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Artwork by Elaine Chambers & Riki Salam in collaboration. Click here for more details on the artwork and the Wiyi Yani U Thangani project. Follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook for more posts like this!