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ACT Export Awards: A Great Success!

Kyle Accepting Award

The ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards is the ACT’s most prestigious business awards program, created to promote and celebrate innovation, global market growth, and hard work. Businesses across a variety of fields can apply to be considered the ACT Exporter of the year and continue on to compete at the national Australian Export Awards. The fifteen Award categories include Agribusiness, Food and Beverages, Creative Industries, E-Commerce, Emerging Exporter, International Education and Training, International Health, Manufacturing and Advanced Materials, Minerals, Energy and Related Services, Professional Services, Regional Exporter, Small Business, Sustainability, Technology and Innovation, Exporting Government Solutions, and Exporting to Asia.

Our team applied for consideration in five of these categories. The first, Professional Services looks at international success in professional business services, including legal, accounting, administration and support services, business management, marketing services, financial and insurance, market research and translation services. The second, Small Business, considers the outstanding international success by any small business and was the most competitive of the five categories applied for. Third was the Sustainability category, which focuses on international success in environmental solutions, clean energy innovation, materials and energy efficiency, waste and water management, green building, and R&D collaboration. The fourth category, Exporting Government Solutions, considers international success in exporting solutions to international government agencies. Finally, our team applied for the Exporting to Asia category, which focuses on international success by any business exporting to Asia.

Our application to these five categories relied on our nine years of organisational experience working across Asia and the Pacific on a wide range of complex and challenging social, political, and economic projects. Becoming a finalist in all five categories is a fitting testament to the work our team is doing across the world and our strategies for engaging meaningfully with clients and stakeholders. Fundamentally, it is a belief in local engagement, capacity building, honest and forthright communication, and a stellar team that led to our success at the ACT Export Awards.

Keep an eye on our social media for more updates as we go on compete against the other finalists in these categories. Thank you to everyone who has worked with us over the past nine years and especially to our great team!