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Samia Goudie

Senior Consultant
Samia Goudie

Samia Goudie is a Bundjalung and Mununjali woman and the Senior Lecturer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health within the postgraduate Medical degree at the Australian National University. Samia’s professional background as a health worker with a specialist focus on health prevention, public health and community development allows her to bring a wide range of complementary skills and insight to her consulting work.

She has extensive experience in undertaking program evaluations and program designs. She sits on the management committees of a number of reference groups, such as Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education and has worked on many reports for health organisations and communities, particularly in an Australian Indigenous context.

Samia uses a wide range of creative methods, including digital storytelling and arts practices to inform her practice. She has a Masters in Social Ecology, and qualifications in counselling, community development, management and natural health. Samia is also a Fulbright Alumni and spent a year lecturing and presenting work on resilience and trauma recovery in the First Nations context with communities across North America and at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, the University of Arizona and at New York University.

In Australia, she has worked in urban, rural, regional and remote areas in health delivery and advisory roles, and continues working with international Indigenous groups, with a consistent focus on the delivery of health care in culturally appropriate and sustainable ways. Samia has designed and lectured extensively on health promotion projects, evaluation methods for work in Indigenous communities and on issues relating to cultural competence.