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Hanna Kurani

Research Consultant
Hanna Kurani

Hanna brings a broad skillset in policy design, planning and evaluation to Sustineo. Hanna’s role with Sustineo is primarily doing qualitative and quantitative analysis, and also supporting other project and business activities.

Hanna has experience in international development from her time with UNICEF Jordan, where she assisted in the design and implementation of a new cash transfer program. She subsequently returned to the Netherlands to work with the research branch of the United Nations University conducting and analysing interviews for a diaspora study commissioned by GiZ. Having been raised in Jordan, she has an abiding belief in social justice and its ability to transform lives and livelihoods in complex socio-political climates. 

Hanna is in the process of completing a double Master in Public Policy and Human Development at the United Nations University in Maastricht (UNU-MERIT), and has completed her Master in Human Rights at Maastricht University.  These studies have led to an extensive understanding of poverty, inequality, and social policy, reinforced by her work with UNICEF and the UNU-MERIT.