Ruth Mackay

Senior Consultant

Ruth Mackay has 25 years public sector experience including more than 14 years as a Senior Executive in the Australian Public Service.  Ruth has particular experience in strategic planning, change management, project implementation, risk assessment and management, and industry and community communication and education.  She has a deep understanding of government processes and mechanisms with particular expertise in consumer  regulation and IP.

Ruth joined the ACCC in 2008 and oversaw reforms including: the harmonisation of safety regulations; introduction of mandatory reporting; implementation of a one stop website; revision of risk assessments and approaches and the review of recall effectiveness and subsequent implementation recommendations. Her role included the identification of consumer product safety hazards, development of regulatory and non regulatory responses to hazards, managing the recall system and ensuring industry compliance with product safety regulations.

From 2010 until her recent retirement she served as the inaugural head of the OECD Consumer Product Safety Working Party.

Prior to joining the ACCC Ruth was the Registrar and General Manager of Trade Marks and Designs