Australian Federal Police - Viability of Host Government Systems (2015)

Sustineo was contracted to undertake a research project for the AFP International Deployment Group (IDG) to explore and consider the efficacy of using the alignment principle for effective aid delivery. The alignment principle ensures that donor countries align behind the objectives of recipient groups and nations and engage with local systems.

Sustineo’s analysis of experiences of donors operating in fragile states and post conflict environments formed the basis for two AFP country programs: in the Solomon Islands and Tonga.  In country, the Sustineo team engaged continuously with all program stakeholders in addition to those donors undertaking program delivery in accordance with alignment principles. 

On return to Australia, the Sustineo team continued its consultations with the AFP, including the commanders of other missions. The field visits to the Solomon Islands and Tonga provide case studies through which to illustrate the issues, providing critical insight into the practical ways in which alignment practices occur on the ground.

The project delivered three key outputs to assist the IDG in the implementation of aid alignment principles.

  • 1.     Alignment Handbook designed to assist police commanders to make decisions about whether or not to align overseas development programs with partner government systems, and the extent to which alignment may be possible.

  • 2.     An alignment guidebook for AFP Mission Commanders that is intended to act as a succinct and easy reference tool to provide information and guidelines focuses on alignment in overseas police development programs.

  • 3.     Information and resource materials for members of the IDG and police commanders concerning the status of ‘alignment’ in the delivery of the AFP’s overseas development programs. This included an overview of how and where the AFP is aligning with partner government systems in the implementation of overseas programs and the alignment context in each of the relevant partner governments.

Sustineo hosting panel session on research impact assessment at the 2018 Australasian Aid Conference

Sustineo is pleased to be hosting the exciting "Learning from the past to inform the future" panel at the 2018 Australasian Aid Conference. The session, "Insights from Australia's experiences in agricultural research for development", will focus on research and practice experience within partnership programs at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.
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Sustineo joins Australian Water Partnership

We're excited to have recently joined the Australian Water Partnership! AWP does amazing work connecting Australian water and development experts with projects which foster water security across the Indo-Pacific region.
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We have moved!

After nearly 5 years based in coffee-infused Braddon, the Sustineo Team has moved to a new office space in Deakin. This brings us closer to key clients, and by keeping our overheads low we are able to continue to deliver outstanding value. Our new location and contact details are listed in the Contact page.
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