APEC Policy Support Unit - Regulatory Reform: Case Studies on Promoting Innovation (2014)

In 2014, Sustineo was contracted by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Policy Support Unit to develop three case studies describing the role of regulatory reforms and practices in the promotion of innovation. The case studies sought to highlight lessons learned and suggest policy recommendations based on case study economies’ experiences of implementing regulatory reforms. 

Each case study considered the impact of specific regulations on innovation. They focused on: utility patents in Korea, pharmaceutical clinical trials in Malaysia, and urban water supply and re-use in Singapore and Australia. The case studies were developed using a combination of critical literature analysis and semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders. Fieldwork was conducted in each case study country with interviews focused on exploring issues that arose from the preliminary literature reviews and desktop research on each case study economy. A total of 34 people were interviewed.

Sustineo produced a comprehensive research report that investigated the linkages between regulatory reform, innovation and economic capacity building. The case study report also included a high level summary of key findings common to and varying between each sector. The final report provided clear distillation of lessons learned in order to inform both industrialized and developing member economies, and help them to improve their performance. In February 2016, the project’s principal consultant, Dr Lyndal Thorburn, presented the findings to the APEC Senior Officers’ Meeting held in Lima, Peru.

We have moved!

After nearly 5 years based in coffee-infused Braddon, the Sustineo Team has moved to a new office space in Deakin. This brings us closer to key clients, and by keeping our overheads low we are able to continue to deliver outstanding value. Our new location and contact details are listed in the Contact page.
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Methodology Matters

Our research manager Tom Sloan argues for the importance sound research design and methodology in private sector consulting.
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APEC Virtual Centre Workshop

Yesterday Sustineo’ Business Development and Research Manager, Tom Sloan, presented at the 2016 APEC Virtual Centre Workshop in Seoul, South Korea.
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