You can see in this link Sustineo's question to Minister Bishop at the Australasian Aid and International Development Policy Workshop Read More +
Attached in this page is Sustineo's submission to the Senate Inquiry into Australia's Overseas Aid and Development Assistance Program.Sustineo will has also been invited to present the inquiry on February 21. Read More +
The Sustineo team attended the 2 day Australasian Aid and International Development Policy Workshop held at the Crawford School of Public Policy. The team attended a series of sessions on a range of development issues, including disaster risk management, the role of the BRICS in development, scholarships and labour mobility, NGOs and value for... Read More +
 Rapid Review of the Indigenous Land Corporation’s Training to Employment Program From October to December 2013, Sustineo undertook a rapid review of the Indigenous Land Corporation’s Training to Employment Program (T2EP). The program has been operational since 2008, providing training and employment to Indigenous Australians in rural and... Read More +
Sustineo attended a one-day workshop held by the Australian Civil-Military Centre on the topic of Security Sector Reform and development. During the workshop, Sustineo presented a research paper on the relationship between security and development, with a focus on how different types of violence inhibit development in fragile and conflict affected... Read More +
Richard spoke of his experience as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development volunteer as an Operations and Planning Officer with the Cambodian Mine Action Centre.  The Australian Volunteers for International Development program is an Australian Government initiative. Read More +
The presentation was the result of Dr Swan's PhD which examined how to develop coherent policy approaches to governance at a regional level to achieve more sustainable outcomes for communities across the nation. If you would like further information please contact Helen at helen [dot] swan [at] sustineo [dot] com [dot] au  Read More +
Sustineo consultant, Federico Davila, makes global conversation on feeding the world with a mix of science and tradition.  For more information go to: Read More +