On Tuesday 19 August 2014, Sustineo acknowledges World Humanitarian Day and the work done by humanitarian workers who work for the betterment of living conditions for millions across the globe. Although significant progress has been made, days such as this one highlight that much more is still required. Read More +
Sustineo would like to welcome the newest member of our team, intern Esther Khoo. Esther is in the penultimate year of a Bachelors of Laws/Science at the Australian National University. Esther will be exploring the increased emphasis placed on Aid-for-Trade within Australia's aid program. She will be investigating issues such as... Read More +
Sustineo acknowledges the International Day of World Indigenous People on Saturday 9 August 2014 and notes that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples articulates some clear principles and articles on the recognition, promotion and protection of the rights and freedoms of indigenous peoples. Sustineo congratulates the... Read More +
Reflecting on my time at Sustineo  by Madeleine PlockiSince finishing my BA(Hons) I have found it difficult to get a foothold in the development industry. While I completed lots of extra-curricular and volunteer activities during my first degree, I did not feel that I gained the competitive edge that I... Read More +
Sustineo recently undertook the Independent Final Evaluation of the TVET Reform Project in Bangladesh. Sue Allan and Mary Mertin-Ryan spent two and a half weeks in country (Dhaka and Chittagong) working with the ILO Project Implementation Team, and meeting and interviewing Project Stakeholders in both Dhaka and Chittagong. This... Read More +
The second contribution to Sustineo’s Ideas in Brief series has been released. Written by intern Madeleine Plocki, this piece explores the degree to which food has been excluded from actions taken to address issues within the food-water-energy nexus. Ideas in Brief is a series of short publications that explore social, economic... Read More +
Louisa Minney, Senior Consultant, Sustineo, was invited to attend the official launch of the Australian Trade and Development Group Network, which will promote private sector involvement in the delivery of poverty reduction programs.  Members of the Australian Trade and Development Group Network include Beach Energy, San Remo and ANZ. The... Read More +
On the 2nd of July, Tom Sloan of Sustineo presented a lecture to University of Canberra third year course, Climate Change and Sustainable Business Futures. The lecture drew on research Tom has undertaken into the implementation of greenhouse gas mitigation in the Australian Capital Territory. The lecture highlighted the need for... Read More +