Sustineo consultant Federico Davila highlights that assessing the policy impact of research activities often equates to demonstrating value for money from research outputs. Although value for money is important, so are the more complex issues that influence decision making, such as relationships, access to knowledge and the context in which... Read More +
At the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Public Seminar Series, Dr Neville Crossman (CSIRO) presented a strong case for better acknowledgement and integration of natural capital* in the way in which we measure human impact on natural resources. Dr Crossman convincingly demonstrated that natural capital provides tremendous monetary... Read More +
While paper-based surveys have been the staple of researchers and practitioners in the field for many years, there has been a recent shift to mobile phone and tablet based data collection tools. Reflecting this, Sustineo has built a capability in the use of tablet-based data collection with Akvo FLOW. Here we share our recent experience in... Read More +
The seventh contribution to the Ideas in Brief series, written by Emma Pankhurst, has been released. This piece highlights the importance of balancing top and bottom level objectives and grassroots data for rural development projects to be successful, taking Timor-Leste as a case study.  Ideas in Brief is a series of short publications that... Read More +
Leading up to their finalisation on September 27 2015, Sustineo will be examining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through posts on our Facebook page. We’ll open with the history of the SDGs and the 17 proposed goals contained within. Then we’ll move on to the really exciting stuff – looking at specific goals and the sub goals within them... Read More +
On Thursday 16 July Sustineo researcher Emily Davidson attended the Australasian Evaluation Society workshop ‘Achieving cultural competency when evaluating Indigenous programs’. The workshop explored a variety of evaluation approaches and methodologies that can be used to ensure cultural competence and appropriateness throughout the development... Read More +
Aid for Trade (AfT) is back on the agenda after the Australian government released the new Strategy for Australia’s Aid for Trade Investments with a focus on the Indo-Pacific region. The strategy was released to coincide with global discussions in Geneva and Addis Ababa this month. Since AfT was introduced at the 2005 WTO Conference in Hong Kong... Read More +
On the 25th of June Sustineo consultant Tom Sloan gave a guest lecture to the Qualitative Research Methods course at the Australian National University. The lecture focused on the role of qualitative research within the private sector and emphasised the importance of maintaining research integrity and rigour in contexts beyond academia. This... Read More +