News Archive: September, 2014

 Sustineo has developed a guide to the use of participatory methods. The ‘Participatory Methods Guide’ outlines why participatory approaches are useful and shows how to use a number of well-established tools. The guide is useful for those unfamiliar with participatory approaches and for those who are seeking information on how to implement... Read More +
There is often uncertainty about how to start capacity building initiatives with partner organisations.  To over come this uncertainty, Sustineo has developed a method called the Participatory Organisational Capacity Assessment (POCA). The POCA uses a set of participatory tools to gather information directly from primary... Read More +
 The third contribution to Sustineo’s Ideas in Brief series, written by Esther Khoo, has been released. In this piece Esther introduces the Aid for Trade debate, providing a contextual overview of the concept, outlining the benefits and identifying when it works best.Ideas in Brief is a series of short publications that explore social,... Read More +
The first contribution to Sustineo’s Insight Series, written by Madeleine Plocki, explores the emergence of nexus thinking and its influence on projects within the Asian Development Bank. Sustineo’s Insight Series are a collection of research publications that explore substantial and interesting issues related to social,... Read More +
Sustineo recently undertook a rapid research report with the Australian Civil-Military Centre. A core output of this project was the paper, "The Links Between Security Sector Reform and Development". The purpose of this research project is to set out the impacts and costs of violence (political, criminal, and interpersonal) upon... Read More +