The AWP supports a network of Australian water and development professionsals in government, university, not for profit and private sectors working together to improve water security, enhance economic development and reduce environmental impact across the Indo-Pacific region.We're looking forward to continuing our work in climate change,... Read More +
In the last two years, I have lectured on research in the private sector to students at the Australian National University. Many of these students display a sad, but common characterisation of private sector consultants as cutting corners (not edges), failing to think critically and producing claims based on flimsy research. This stereotype of the... Read More +
Yesterday Sustineo’ Business Development and Research Manager, Tom Sloan, presented at the 2016 APEC Virtual Centre Workshop in Seoul, South Korea. APEC-VC has been in operation for 21 years and has built a strong and cooperative network among many of the APEC member economies. The group aims to promote the use of environmental technologies... Read More +
In the 9th Ideas in Brief, current intern Kat Sharp explores some of the challenges confronting the mining industry as it shifts its focus to deep sea mining in the Pacific. Ideas in Brief is a series of short publications that explore social, economic and environmental development issues within Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific region.... Read More +
Sustineo’s Business Development and Research Manager, Tom Sloan, recently delivered a guest lecture to the ‘Qualitative Research Methods’ course at the Australian National University. This lecture followed Tom’s engagement in the course in 2015.Tom focused on the importance of maintaining research integrity beyond academia. He highlighted the work... Read More +
This week is NAIDOC Week. NAIDOC is now a week dedicated to the celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ history, culture and achievements, but it started from a very different place – here’s a brief rundown on the history of NAIDOC week!In the 1920s many Aboriginal people boycotted the celebration of Australia Day on January... Read More +
Two weeks ago the third Annual Civil Society Report Card on Australia’s National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security (NAP) was released.The Report Card acts as a shadow report on Australia’s progress against the goals and actions set out in the NAP. It is developed by a team of representatives from the Australian Council for International... Read More +